Marcello Guardascione

PhD student in the experimental quantum computing group

E-Mail: m.guardascione@[]


Marcello, a native of Naples, Italy, began his academic journey at the University of Naples Federico II. His fervor for condensed matter physics was evident early on, guiding his coursework towards optics and solid-state physics. For his bachelor’s thesis, titled “Photo-Induced Diffraction Gratings on the Surface of Azopolymer Films,” Marcello delved into exploring light-induced patterns on azopolymer film surfaces under the mentorship of Pasqualino Maddalena, Stefano Luigi Oscurato, and Marcella Salvatore. Marcello then pursued a master’s degree in Condensed Matter Physics, focusing on solid-state physics. His master’s thesis, “Electromagnetic Properties of Hybrid Josephson Junctions,” centered on the unique attributes of these junctions resulting from the combination of different materials or structures. This research was guided by Francesco Tafuri and Domenico Montemurro. Throughout his academic journey, Marcello embraced teaching roles in physics, both independently and within the university. His passion for sharing knowledge extended to conducting MATLAB courses through MAC-Formazione. Beyond the realms of academia, Marcello finds joy in weight training and exploring nature through hiking. Eager to advance his expertise, Marcello made the decision to pursue his Ph.D. in the development of scalable superconducting quantum systems. He embarked on this journey at the Institute for Functional Quantum Systems Group (PGI-13), under the guidance of Professor Rami Barends and Dr. Pavel Bushev.

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