Yorgo Haddad

PhD student in the experimental quantum computing group

E-Mail: y.haddad@[]


Yorgo Haddad completed his BS in Physics at the Lebanese University, then pursued his Research Master’s in Nanosciences and Functional Materials, during the first year of which he created a numerical code that computes the various properties of entangled pairs of photons. Under the joint supervision of Professor Christophe Couteau from the UTT, France, and Dr. Joe Ghalbouni, LU Lebanon, Yorgo obtained his Master’s after successfully defending his thesis on Photonic Graph States for Quantum Computing, highlighting the silicon color centers in diamonds and their application for error correction schemes. Wanting to have an impact on the quantum computing world, Yorgo decided to pursue his PhD in Experimental Quantum Computing at the Institute for Functional Quantum Systems Group (PGI-13), led by Professor Rami Barends and Dr. Pavel Bushev at the Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany.

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